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Co-Authors - 10/08/19

Many years ago ... oh, I'd say about ... 10+ or so, I was working in an office where I met one of my very best friends, Yvonne. We got along well almost immediately. Anyone who knows me knows that I have a tendency to attract the right kind of people toward me quickly. I can make friends easily and I'm an extremely good judge of character. It's always a way I've had with people.

Yvonne and I had a good time working together ... so much so that it got to the point of her wanting to write down ideas for a book! At the time, I thought she was just being silly, because she would scribble notes and stuff on random sheets of paper. Little did I know, she had begun to put all of it together to actually form the basis of a pretty decent novel.

We mostly had a few good laughs about it, created our characters and went with it. She turned out to be the heroine of the story and, yes, I got to be the villain. (sooo happy! woo!) As time went on, she kept writing and developing a plot. Life came and went, the time passed and even though I managed to get the pages of the story from her to review, they had been lost among my things. I still have them somewhere. Once I clean the spare room and closet, I'm sure I'll find them tucked safely away. I keep all my papers.

It's amazing how you put other stuff away in the house and say you're going to get rid of it, but then when you see it again, it suddenly has tremendous value and so it stays locked away for some reason?! Madness. I'm sure I'll find the story, and if not, well ... out of the blue, I thought about it the other day and sent her a message to talk about it. We can start fresh.

Now that I have a website up and running for all of the Delmari Books, I wanted to reach out to Yvonne and see if she still had the spark of creation within her about the story. To my great pleasure ... she did! We went on Zoom and talked about it. She, being the fun-loving soul that she is, was more concerned about the creative aspect of it and just having a good time with it.

Me? Well, I have turned into a kind of Blake Carrington recently because I think of everything like a businessman. I put together a list of things that we needed to address if we were going to work on the book together and she was, of course, in total agreement with me. These things have to be done now that we could potentially treat the book as a product.

It's a damn good story. Suspense/Thriller. I have always loved it and so has she. It's been the basis of our friendship together. Even as we drifted apart over the years, we always kept in touch thanks to the magic of messaging and technology. We have those little funny things that friends know to say to each other that makes us laugh.

I am very happy to say that we are going to make this fun story of ours a reality and we're going to bring it to Delmari Books when the time is right. We are going to work on it together. Though, I know how this is gonna go. She writes her notes long-hand. My god, yes ... drives me crazy, but that's my Sarita (as I call her.) She writes the notes and I type them up, offering my input on the villainous character that I have had the absolute pleasure of becoming!

I wanted to share this with you all because you never know, in this crazy thing called life, when you are going to get the chance to share something special with your friends. I know people can get on your nerves now and then. We have to rid ourselves of those toxic people who are just no good, but the true friends? Especially the Life Friends? Yeah, those you keep. There is something very special about those people who stay with you in your life through all things.

The Universe knows exactly what it's doing with stuff like that. Trust me.

It does.

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