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Vampires and Spaceships - 10/15/19

Since it's October and the spooky month is well upon us (you know the one) I've decided to reveal what some of my next projects are going to be. Yep. You read that right ... Vampires! ... oh, and maybe some Science Fiction, too.

The LGBT community is seriously lacking for good variety. I mean ... come on. I browse the LGBT titles and all I see are naked torsos of hot guys. Yeah, nice ... but seriously? That's it? Is that all they think the gay community reads? Dudes with their shirts off ???

Please. Give me a break. We're just like everyone else. We can have suspense, action, adventure, romance, vampires biting our necks, and spaceships with the best of them! WoOoO! I will PROVE it!


I have had two lovers in my head for YEARS without a plot and recently decided to turn them loose in a LGBT Vampire novel. I never read Twilight and all that noise. Not for me. I only got interested in writing a gay vampire novel because, of course, Kevin came up with an insanely fantastic cover for it. I couldn't believe it. I looked over one evening to see what he was working on and it was stunning.

I had the name ready to go by the end of the night. I have a plot outlined and ... most importantly ... a frightening villain. I wish I could have had it ready to be released for Halloween, but I've been so busy getting everything set up, it eluded me. I am the kind of novelist who writes what I'm feeling. If I'm not feeling something, it doesn't get worked on. The magic has to flow. Anyone who creates knows this is how it happens. You can't force yourself and I don't recommend that for anyone, especially when creating.

If you are the kind of person who looks at it as a "challenge" then by all means, go for it. Me? Not so much. I have to deal with deadlines at work all the time, so I'm not gonna stress my brain out when I'm home doing what I love. Creation takes time and patience. Don't be afraid to scrap it if you don't like it. Start fresh. Think. Pull back and ponder it. Come back to it and let loose. When the flow starts again, you'll find yourself right where you need to be.

Did I mention Science Fiction? Well, yes I did! Once again, Kevin came up with some designs for my Science Fiction books and we worked together to get them just right. I am extremely pleased with the way they came out, but I'm not revealing them just yet. The closer I get to completion with the first book (which is already started) then I will release a teaser of the cover and the plot.

It has a vintage, Science Fiction feel to it. All of the books do. They look great. It's the first time that I have a book series of covers (4) without actually having the work done. LOL I got so wrapped up in creating the book covers, I figured I would just worry about the rest later. I know I can deliver quality Sci-Fi. These characters that I plan to feature have mostly been with me as long as the characters of Blackridge have. Mostly. :)

(see what I did there?)

I have had a lot of interest from readers in my LGBT fiction. It's not IN-YOUR-FACE gay stuff. You know what I'm talking about. Or Stereotypes. None of that. I'm not having that crap. My goal as an author and cerebral entertainer is to deliver quality, not stereotypical stuff that anyone with a keyboard can write.

My dream is to captivate peoples' imaginations. It's so rewarding to do that. The stuff you keep in your mind and heart is always there. It's fulfilling and good. That's what it's all about for me.

... cerebral entertainer ...

wait ... what? :)


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