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 Greetings, Readers 

Welcome to the

Delmari Books Website!*

I'm author Joseph Delmari, and it's a pleasure to have you here. I'm really excited to show you all of the amazing books in both the DOUBLE CLUB Series, the BLACKRIDGE Saga, the newest FUTURE EARTH sci-fi series and even more books that have already been or are soon to be released in my Other Works section.

And now, thanks to advancements in AI tech, I'm able to bring to life all the characters that have been in my mind and heart for so many years! You'll find links to view the characters of the BLACKRIDGE Saga, the DOUBLE CLUB series, and Do What's Best for now, with all the rest of the book characters coming soon!

Here at Delmari Books, it's always been my goal to feature high-quality genre fiction for both series, saga, and stand alone works with exceptional development, memorable characters to love, and stories to captivate your imagination! If you're looking for great gift ideas for friends or relatives or just want some great new books for yourself to read, you're in the right place!

Have you read any of the books featured here? Enjoy them? Please leave a review at Amazon and let me know what you think about them! I would really appreciate seeing your thoughts and please tell your friends and family so they can enjoy the books along with you. Thank you so much! I truly value your support and hope to provide you with the type of quality fiction that you've been looking for. 

* ALL novels, character bios, website text, and blog posts are the product of the author's mind, not a fabrication of AI or any text-generating artificial intelligence program. Character images are, however, AI generated and do not represent actual persons/models/actors in existence 

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Scavenger Hunt


Longing to do more in her life, Morgan Callahan seeks out her late father’s old employer, corporate tycoon Walter Davenhurst, and asks him for the same personal security job that her father held. Reluctant at first, Walter can hardly refuse the daughter of his old friend and brings Morgan into the company, if only to keep her close to him.


Determined to prove her worth, Morgan and her allies soon embark on a furious hunt to stop the evil Vanda Devon from acquiring stolen plans from a mysterious company that is not above using murder to get them back. Once she gets them, Vanda plans on using them to propel her company into greatness once more. Her boast is the pinnacle of humanitarian achievement … a grand scheme that Walter does not believe is genuine and one that the shadowy company is intent on stopping, no matter what. 

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The Double Club


​Out of the difficulties of their youth, seven men begin their life journeys, unaware that one day, they will all come together to form the most powerful bonds of friendship and love they could ever hope for.
Born and raised in different parts of America, the seven gradually make their way to the beautiful city of Sarasota, Florida, where they, as adults, begin to come together ... because life has a way of putting people exactly where they need to be for one another.

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Sitting In Sunlight 


Sitting in Sunlight is a stand-alone story, and a vital part of the DOUBLE CLUB series.


Dale Everett is a soldier who faces his worst nightmare when his unit is ambushed. He returns home to Colorado Springs to heal and recover, struggling to come to terms with everything that's happened. Fortunately, he has the love and protection of his devoted parents to see him through it. 

Dale is far from getting his mind and soul put back together when he finds himself unexpectedly falling in love after he goes out for lunch one day. He hopes that by finding love, he can recover from his terrible ordeal ...

... but Dale is unaware there is a dark, shadowy threat lurking and plotting against him ... making it only a matter of time before a fatal confrontation.

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Sitting in Sunlight.jpg

Space Pirates

of the Black Nebula

In the First Book of the FREESTAR TRILOGY, Commander Darion Reed is contacted by Omega Corp's Director of External Affairs with a job that seems fairly simple and straight-forward. The crew of the Freestar are all for it. Any lucrative job offer available is not to be turned down, but the situation turns deadly when shadowy threats emerge from distant parts of the Solar System and other forces threaten the uneasy peace that has existed between the colonies for centuries.

Tracking down and fighting nefarious space pirates is one thing, but when a dangerous former enemy of Commander Reed's is revealed to be in a position of authority, the stakes couldn't be higher for Reed and his crew to pull off this job and stay alive in a solar system fraught with peril behind every moon!

Space Pirates of the Black Nebula.jpg

On Sale Now!

Also available to read in the Kindle Unlimited Library!

 Always believe in yourself. Creating a work of art is never easy ... be it a painting, a sculpture, a novel, or anything else. Believe in yourself and be strong, because when you finally conquer any nagging self-doubt, you'll be exactly where you need to be.

Joseph Delmari

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