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The first book of the Double Club series goes fully into the early years of the main cast of characters. They're a bunch of very complex guys from all over the United States and not all of them have had the best upbringing.

Tanner Fierro and his little brother Josh escape an abusive home in Austin, Texas. Jagger Hollis lives with his troubled mother and terrible father in Essex, Vermont. Lee Kennison joins the military and leaves his first love and his home of Seaside, Oregon. Gianni Scarpello, the youngest of three boys in an Italian family who has never had a day of peace from his cruel mother, decides to stay in America when the rest of his family move to Italy to manage the family estates. Preston Durant, son of a wealthy restaurateur, needs to learn what matters to him the most, devotion to love ... or the devotion to his work.

And Kieran Lockhart, only son of a ruthless billionaire tycoon who uses intimidation and control to mold his son into the ideal heir to a vast corporate fortune. From various backgrounds, the guys of the DOUBLE CLUB come together as friends and lovers in the beginning of this amazing series.

In the second book of the DOUBLE CLUB series, Jagger Hollis has had enough of his troubled life in Vermont. He longs for a new life somewhere sunny and warm, so he packs up and moves down to Sarasota, Florida. He gets a job there and it's not long before he meets Lee Kennison, who innocently invites him to dinner at home with his companion and a friend who's having some problems.

Jagger, shy, guarded, and extremely quiet, agrees and after he begins opening up some and finding new friendships, he meets someone who throws his mind, heart, and soul into complete and utter chaos internally. Jagger is not used to these kinds of feelings and begins to struggle with what to do about it.

He's not alone, because his new friends are there for him. They will do anything to help him learn more about himself and to get a handle on the torrent of emotions that threaten to bring down all the walls he has built around his heart.

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Sitting in Sunlight is a stand-alone story, and a vital part of the DOUBLE CLUB series.


Dale Everett is a soldier who faces his worst nightmare when his unit is ambushed. He returns home to Colorado Springs to heal and recover, struggling to come to terms with everything that's happened. Fortunately, he has the love and protection of his devoted parents to see him through it. 

Dale is far from getting his mind and soul put back together when he finds himself unexpectedly falling in love after he goes out for lunch one day. He hopes that by finding love, he can recover from his terrible ordeal ...

... but Dale is unaware there is a dark, shadowy threat lurking and plotting against him ... making it only a matter of time before a fatal confrontation.

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In the third book of the DOUBLE CLUB Series, festive celebrations take a somber turn when Gianni Scarpello receives terrible news from Europe. His best friend, Kieran Lockhart, takes charge immediately and travels with Gianni overseas to confront the dire situation before time runs out.


Meanwhile, back home in Sarasota, Florida, a nearly forgotten part of Lee Kennison's youthful romantic past is about to surface again, much to his complete surprise. Dale Everett and Josh Fierro face unresolved trauma that lingers from their previous encounter with a dark and dangerous foe which causes real trouble in their relationship.


And Trevor Carlton becomes romantically involved with a man whose very existence continually poses a shadowy threat to the lives of everyone in The Double Club.

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A crisis erupts in the lives of Lee Kennison and Gianni Scarpello after intentions are mistaken and the family tragedy that Gianni faced in Italy remains unresolved within him. A romance from Lee’s past threatens everything in his future as he struggles with his problems at home. The lingering, seductive lure of his previous life and the pain of his present one forces him to make an agonizing decision. The crisis pulls everyone in the Double Club into it as friends must take sides in the emotional turmoil.


Trevor Carlton realizes he is at the center of an international cartel’s plot to destroy him for being involved with the wrong man at the wrong time. Desperate to escape the beautiful country of Monaco, he seeks the aid of his friends and allies, fearing that his previous mistakes are bound to come back to haunt him before help arrives.

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