Gay Fiction, Lesbian Fiction, Historical, Drama, Action/Adventure, Romance

In the 6th Century BC of Ancient Greece, Tiro of Sparta is a young warrior who is destined for greatness. He has all that he could ever desire ... a prominent family, a strong body and a mind rich in battle strategy. There is just one problem ... he has fallen in love with a handsome messenger from Argos, a young man who has captivated his mind, body, and soul. 

Also in Laconia, Otonia of Sparta learns she is to be introduced to Tiro by her parents with the hope that the two of them will agree to marriage, something the two prominent families want very much. Neither Tiro nor Otonia are willing to abandon their own loves for such a thing. Otonia, who views herself a warrior in her own right, refuses the company of men, instead, she has fallen in love with a beautiful Macedonian slave girl that she acquires in order to grant her freedom. Together with their lovers, Tiro and Otonia join forces to scheme a way to escape from Laconia and all those who would seek to destroy their hopes of a life of freedom with the ones they truly love.  

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