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Gay & Lesbian Fiction, Historical, Drama, Action/Adventure, Romance


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In the 6th Century BC of Ancient Greece, Tiro of Sparta is a young warrior who is destined for greatness. He has all that he could ever desire ... a prominent family, a strong body and a mind rich in battle strategy. There is just one problem ... he has fallen in love with a handsome messenger from Argos, a young man who has captivated his mind, body, and soul. 

Also in Laconia, Otonia of Sparta learns she is to be introduced to Tiro by her parents with the hope that the two of them will agree to marriage, something the two prominent families want very much. Neither Tiro nor Otonia are willing to abandon their own loves for such a thing. Otonia, who views herself a warrior in her own right, refuses the company of men, instead, she has fallen in love with a beautiful Macedonian slave girl that she acquires in order to grant her freedom. Together with their lovers, Tiro and Otonia join forces to scheme a way to escape from Laconia and all those who would seek to destroy their hopes of a life of freedom with the ones they truly love.  

After stepping in to help boisterous Mattie Springer in a high school brawl against some bullies, Candice McLaughlin becomes close friends with the loud, lovable girl that it seems everyone loves to hate. The price for her intervention is information, Candice reveals, asking Mattie about the beautiful blonde girl who keeps looking at her in the science class they all share. Stacey Satterfield is the girl, and she has certainly given Candice every indication with those longing looks that she’s more than interested in her. A discreet love note later and a mishap on the soccer field, that puts Candice in the hospital, draws Stacey closer and closer until the two become fully aware of their feelings for each other. The girls struggle to learn about their young love as more unforeseen and tragic events occur, driving a wedge between them and forcing them to confront what is love and what is not as they grow into adulthood.


As time moves ever onward, Candice finds herself discovering love in other places, not just where she thinks it is supposed to be. Yet, whatever happens on the road of life, she remembers her sagely father’s advice to always Do What’s Best for herself and those she loves.

Lesbian Fiction, Drama, Romance, Young Adult

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Available with Kindle Unlimited

Sword & Sorcery, Fantasy, Women, Fiction

Across the Stygian Sands.png

With the great war between the northern kingdom of Taylos and the sand-swept domain of King Nurax to the east now ended, the sorceress Xandra begins to set in motion her plans to rule the land of Ardesia as a despotic empress. With an army of mercenaries and aided by dark powers of her own, she seeks nothing less than total dominion over all across the realm.

Yet, far to the south, the vengeful sorcerer,
Vos'Vanar, has plans of his own ... plans that will unexpectedly plunge the entire region of Ardesia into utter chaos. The forces who were once set upon one another in war must find a way to work together in order to stop the insidious demon he has unleashed in a plot of vengeance against the northern Queen Illia, who sought his banishment. In a race against time and the terrible powers of the outer world, blood enemies are forced to become allies if they intend to survive the sinister, vampiric power of the demon Kellos.

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