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It's an old joke in the writing world about how cheesy novels always start out with "It was a dark and stormy night ..." Well, it's funny because that is exactly how it was when I first began to write! 

It was a rainy August night in Florida and I was sitting there very unfulfilled because one of my favorite shows had just ended its run on a total cliffhanger. So much of the plot was unresolved and many of the characters were left in limbo. That was crappy, because we all know when a show ends, that's it. The networks don't care about us. They only care about money, blah blah 

photography by Y.Luyanda © 2020 JDelmari

I was about ready to start college and I had a typewriter with a small digital display that I sat down with at the kitchen table and began to write my own stories. I needed closure. I needed control. I was young and had absolutely no idea how to really write a book or structure properly, but I had the passion.


Just like other types of artists have their own respective passions, be it painting, sculpture, or other art ... I was the same.  I started writing once I graduated high school, mostly doing it for fun and as a hobby because of the ill-fated ending of my favorite show.

photography by Y.Luyanda © 2020 JDelmari
photography by Y.Luyanda © 2020 JDelmari

That was when the Blackridge Saga was created. It wasn't called Blackridge back then. It didn't really have a proper title, but what it did have was a lot of heart and determination put into it. I didn't write very well back then because I was just a kid. What did I know? Nothing about life that I needed to know, that's for sure. It showed in my writing. Morgan Callahan, the main protagonist of the Blackridge Saga, was born in a college creative writing class. She was featured in a short story where she battled an intruder in her office. Ha! Even then she was kicking ass! So awesome. I love the character she became after that and what she meant to the Blackridge Saga as a whole. In many ways it is her story as much as it is everyone else's.

I really had no idea what I was doing at first, but I tried and after a while, I put Blackridge on the shelf and moved on to other things. I had to grow. I had to live my life and I needed to learn about love. It worked. Through my own personal struggles, I became a much better writer for what I had been through. I was able to devote all the necessary time to my writing that I needed because even back then I was a homebody. I did my club time and socializing, but after a while, that gets old and you just want to stay home. That's when I did my best at trying to get Blackridge where it needed to be and thanks to my Aunt Betty, who always got first crack at the manuscripts, I was where I needed to be. I began writing a lot after I became good at it. 

photography by Y.Luyanda © 2020 JDelmari

Since it was a hobby that I mostly did for myself, I only recently decided it was the right time for me to share it with the world because of all the positive reactions to my stories and the advancements made in self-publishing. I feel it's very important for artists of any type to retain control over their work. It's better that way in many cases and it's up to them, of course, how they wish to show it to the world. Many different works exist in my mind and heart and it has been a lot of genuine fun, hard work, and determined effort to bring it alive for everyone to enjoy. I wanted to be able to do that my way and with my own vision.

photography by Y.Luyanda © 2020 JDelmari

I hope you'll come along with me and read what I have to offer for your entertainment. There is going to be something for everyone, thanks to the many different genres that I've got planned in order to make you laugh, cry, and hold on with a white-knuckle grip. People have always been good to me and it's been a blessing to be able to share my creations with you. Thank you all for stopping by and I welcome you to visit often for updates on all the new books coming!

Joseph Delmari

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