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Science Fiction, Action/Adventure, Gay/Lesbian Fiction

It is a future time for Earth's solar system.


Colonies have formed on the Moon (now formally named Luna), the Mars Federation, and beyond to the moons of Jupiter in the Jovian Conglomerate. Earth is a paradise thanks to the wealthy and privileged corporations that have usurped governments and taken control of the solar system. The largest is Omega Corp, a massive mega-corporation with control over nearly all parts of the solar system. Mining and manufacturing have moved off-world from Earth. Wormhole technology remains extremely rare and unstable. There exists only one stable path to another mysterious galaxy known as the Moreta Galaxy and the way back and forth is tightly controlled by corporate security ... or so they would like the inhabitants of the solar system to believe.

In this time, the mercenary spaceship captain Commander Darion Reed and his crew of the Freestar take on whatever jobs that pay well, providing them with the means to survive in a time where even though technology has advanced, human behavior has not.

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Available with Kindle Unlimited

In the First Book of the FREESTAR TRILOGY, Commander Darion Reed is contacted by Omega Corp's Director of External Affairs with a job that seems fairly simple and straight-forward. The crew of the Freestar are all for it. Any lucrative job offer available is not to be turned down, but the situation turns deadly when shadowy threats emerge from distant parts of the Solar System and other forces threaten the uneasy peace that has existed between the colonies for centuries.
Tracking down and fighting nefarious space pirates is one thing, but when a dangerous former enemy of Commander Reed's is revealed to be in a position of authority, the stakes couldn't be higher for Reed and his crew to pull off this job and stay alive in a solar system fraught with peril behind every moon!

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