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Women's Fiction, Contemporary Fiction, Suspense, Thriller, Drama, Action/Adventure



Set in the fictional port city metropolis of Blackridge, Oregon, the BLACKRIDGE saga is the epic 15 year story of Morgan Callahan and the team of corporate security agents who have become her family. Her lover Sargo, the bounty hunter Anthony Ditelli and his adopted son, Gregor, the sagely Dr. Joan Rhinehart, and the devoted Olivia Nelson dedicate themselves to Morgan and their work as they navigate the murky world of corporate rivals, assassins, and treachery for the aged business tycoon Walter Davenhurst, chairman of the powerful DanyCrom Corporation, unaware that a frightening enemy is lurking in the shadows watching and plotting against him at every turn. 

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BLACKRIDGE: Scavenger Hunt

The first book of the Blackridge Saga introduces the character of Morgan Callahan and shows her devotion to the aged tycoon Walter Davenhurst, employer and friend of her late father, Renner. Determined to show Walter she can do just as good of a job working personal security for him as her father did, Morgan convinces him to give her the job, which he does, despite the risks involved.

Their first task together is to find out just what the scheming Vanda Devon is up to and why she is trying to propel her company into the spotlight with something revolutionary, if not ... relatively mundane. Plotting to steal plans from a mysterious company, Vanda is doing everything she can to obtain greatness and she's not having the interference of anyone in order to get what she wants. Meanwhile, the shadowy corporation is intent on killing anyone who comes in contact with their stolen information. 

BLACKRIDGE: Lost and Found

In the second book of the Blackridge Saga, Morgan Callahan and her friends are celebrating the 3-year anniversary opening of her non-profit Callahan Center, a place of refuge for abused women and children. After their evening concludes, Morgan is psychically drawn to the emotional suffering of a nearby homeless girl in an alley and gets her to the hospital. The girl is later moved to the Callahan Center for rehabilitation and treatment, facing the long road to recovery.


Walter Davenhurst learns that a murder has taken place in a secret facility of his in a remote, desolate part of the world. Rather than allow Morgan to investigate, he sends Sargo and Anthony Ditelli to protect his son, Thomas Davenhurst, while he attempts to learn the dark truth of the matter.

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Available with Kindle Unlimited

BLACKRIDGE: The Dark of Hearts


The third book of the Blackridge Saga finds events heating up intensely. 

Anthony Ditelli struggles with injuries after a violent attack outside of Lou's Bar and he won't tell anyone the truth about what really happened or who did it to him, even though everyone that loves Anthony knows he is hiding something. He's faced with having to recuperate from his terrible injuries at Morgan's house while he struggles with the demons of his past.

Morgan Callahan and Sargo, meanwhile, are contacted by Dr. Jourdan and told that they just might have the opportunity to catch a killer that's been on the loose for a while, eluding them and leaving far more questions about his motives than answers. Walter Davenhurst is against it, but Morgan can be very persuasive when she's determined to get something she wants.

BLACKRIDGE: Battlegrounds

In the fourth book of the Blackridge Saga, betrayal abounds as a meek DanyCrom financial executive has unknowingly become a pawn in the corporate schemes of the leaders of HilCrom Consolidated, the rivals of Walter. 

Seeking to further advance herself by nearly any means possible, the treacherous Diana Scarboro attempts to ingratiate herself with Ed Spencer, the executive who is beginning to make important friends in all the right places among their rival company’s enemy camp. Ed and Diana remain completely unaware of the enemy's nefarious intentions.


Anthony Ditelli, now the owner of a successful restaurant, is drawn back to his old job with DanyCrom when a rash of kidnappings begins in and around Blackridge. He gets closer and closer to uncovering the sinister truth behind the abductions. Morgan Callahan and her team are forced to face a terrible tragedy that none of them expected while their enemies continue to scheme all around them.


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In the fifth book of the Blackridge Saga, an old friend contacts Morgan Callahan for help with an urgent situation. She and her team of corporate security agents soon learn they might also get a chance at revenge against their hated enemies. Things turn perilous for everyone involved when the real truth behind the pursuits is revealed and Morgan learns her old friend might be concealing the true danger of what is involved.


At home in Blackridge, Morgan's assistant, Olivia Nelson, attempts to find out why their ambitious former associate, Diana Scarboro, is quickly becoming a shady corporate traitor as well as apparently being involved in some suspicious happenings with their enemies.

This revised work promises to be one of the most intense books of the Saga, with many mysteries unfolding in one of the darkest and most sinister places of the world.


In the sixth book of the Blackridge Saga, burdened with sorrows from the past and in failing health, Walter Davenhurst summons Morgan Callahan for what could be the most important task of her life and career with him. The disturbing truth is not what she expects. Her ever faithful security agents begin to show signs of distrust because of the strange occurrences during their recent work for Walter.

Diana Scarboro continues her treacherous efforts to advance herself with the forces behind the machinations against the DanyCrom corporation. Thera Mavotti, wrongly believing Morgan to be responsible for crimes against her family, cannot rest until she satisfies her all-consuming need for vengeance.

This revised edition brings us ever closer to the stunning climax of the mysterious Blackridge Saga ... 

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BLACKRIDGE: Past Is Present

For fourteen years, Morgan Callahan and her team of security agents have worked faithfully for Walter Davenhurst and the DanyCrom corporation. In all that time, they have watched as events turned darker and darker for everyone, those they loved and those they came into contact with. In all that time, suspicions grew. Morgan and her team began to question the reasons behind the troubles, the problems. They had lost some of their own and watched as Walter continually kept secrets from them, despite his genial and fatherly manner.


Now, alone, and seeking answers, Morgan once again comes face to face with the past as Dr. Jourdan returns to Blackridge with information to save them both. Once again, the shadowy enemy that has lurked forever out of reach extends a terrible grasp over them all … and things will never be the same when one of their former enemies turned ally returns to Blackridge with an astonishing revelation. 


Returning home from her time away after surviving the harrowing events which threatened her and those she loves, Morgan Callahan struggles to put her life and soul back together. She is not alone. Her brother, Colden Everetos, deeply affected by his own losses, seeks some kind of resolution for the turbulence that threatens to consume him from within. Others realize that they, too, need time to recover from the years of recent threats and intimidation that plagued them from the common foe they all endured. Yet Morgan knows she cannot stop her impulsive brother from seeking vengeance of his own.


Enter Victoria McNamara, the beautiful and capable security agent tasked with hunting down the remaining enemy agents as well as protecting Morgan’s brother in their assignment abroad. Reluctant to take on the liability of a loose cannon while she deals with the threat of the deadly Caprina Agrippa, Vicki dedicates herself to getting the job done, even as DanyCrom security forces continue to close in on their foes. A terrifying realization consumes everyone when a revelation from the shadows emerges once more.

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In the final book of the series, as the threat of the devious enemy agent, Caprina Agrippa, remains a fixture in her life and lurking always within the shadows of her thoughts, Morgan Callahan seeks to end the conflict. Having located her nemesis in the Mediterranean region of the world, Morgan is soon to set out once and for all to bring an end to the threat, but before she can, Ursula Taylor shows up with a stunning revelation that no one expected. Morgan is once again plunged into despair with the dark memories of their recent past and the events that changed their lives forever. Unable to handle the truth of what is now right in front of her, Morgan leaves to do the one thing she knows that she can deal with, the fate of Caprina Agrippa. As her loved ones remain in Blackridge to deal with Ursula's revelation, Morgan jets across the world to Argos, Greece, accompanied by an unlikely ally in her quest for revenge.

Meanwhile, a shadowy, mysterious old woman seemingly intends to offer generous financial support to the Callahan Center. No one is aware of the sinister motivations behind her actions, nor could they possibly know what terrible danger lies in wait for them and the dark plans of vengeance she has devised. 

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