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A Flowery March

It's been a pretty harrowing couple of weeks for everyone on Earth, I'd say.

We've all been faced with far too much to deal with all of a sudden, but humanity is incredibly resilient and we'll make it through anything that comes our way, trusting in the Lord for those of us who do, and following governmental guidelines to keep us safer.

We have been isolating at home. Both of us have been working remotely for the past 3 weeks, only venturing out for food and tequila. (haha) Honestly, if I didn't read the news, I wouldn't be able to tell the difference because things have been quiet for the most part where we are (thanks be) because everyone is staying home or keeping their distance. We are homebodies anyway, so gaming and writing always takes up a lot of our spare time. We have seen an increase in the amount of players online in the various games we've checked in with.

There have been a few sales here and there, so we picked up a few new games to play and I've been continually working on both The Double Club and the Blackridge Saga. The Double Club is finished, for now, and I'm wrapping up the Blackridge Saga because of a new series that I have planned. It's actually a romance series, if you can believe that one, but I'll expand on that more later.

The one thing that we have noticed recently is that our flowers have been blooming. Kevin is an orchid lover and he has a lot of them, but it's only the little ones that have begun to flower. It's these that we wanted to share with everyone because they're very pretty. He works a lot with them, at certain times on the weekends early with watering and caring for them. They all sit on a little wooden table we found at Old Time Pottery (isn't that place great?) facing the south, because apparently that sunlight is best for growing orchids. He does a lot of research into it, whereas I may be able to grow plants, but I just keep the ones I used to have in the sunlight and watered. Nature does the rest. However, with Kevin, it's a sort of hobby that he's come to love over the last few years and his hard work has paid off. He spends a lot of time online watching videos of growers and the various kinds of orchids they have are really amazing.

He often orders the ones that he likes, or the ones that are apparently scented. I think he mentioned that he has one that smells like chocolate. (Nom nom nom!) He also likes to 'rescue' the ones he sees at home improvement stores that he feels sorry for or that need special care/attention to flourish. Here is a selection of flowers that are blooming this March! Enjoy!


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