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Cover Story: The Double Club

Updated: Feb 28

One of the things that has to be done properly when starting a new series is to get that first book's cover just right! Kevin nailed it, in my opinion, for the first book of the Double Club series.

As a being of order, I like things to line up just right and the character's arms do just that nicely with the accompanying graphics and title. This cover is also pretty unique among my works because it's the only white cover I've had done.

We needed white because of the black suits. We tried different backgrounds, but for some reason, the starkness of this one just stood out and I liked it. The rest of the series tends to be scenic and more natural settings, which works because it's all about the locations in the series.

It's also a wedding picture, of sorts, because it is two specific characters from the book, but I'm not telling you which ones! lol

You'll have to read it and be surprised.

The first book of The Double Club was actually written second. I wrote another one first and then decided that I had enough material to start an entire series if I managed it just right. Little did I know the story would carry over through ten books! (Including Sitting In Sunlight) It was a lot of fun to write it and I did it in a year, believe it or not. Yes, I wrote that entire series in almost a year, give or take. That's how well the stories in each book continued to flow.

I may or may not 'pen' an eleventh book, but you never know! Sometimes these characters just come alive after resting for a while and need some more attention. I love my Double Club. If they want more of my time, I'm only too willing to give it to them.

If you've been looking for a quality gay series without all the cliché stuff, or if you know someone who would love to read a series about healthy romance and the lives of a dedicated group of friends, then come and experience The Double Club.

If you do, I hope you love it!


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