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TIME WARP! (and upcoming works!)

Sitting down here at my desk with a cup of coffee this morning and realized it's been a minute since I made a blog entry!! I hope everyone is having a nice holiday weekend so far!

November has been crazy busy. My husband had family in from out of town for a few weeks, I recently reconnected with an old friend that I hadn't spoken to in several years, my day job has been insanely busy, and since it's the last day of NaNoWriMo, I'm happy to say that I've been working steadily on my LGBT Sci-Fi novel! I'm finally happy with it after a bit of a struggle in worrying about how I was writing science fiction. I did manage to write 30K+ words this month for the Challenge! The novel went from 41k at the beginning of the month to 71k now!

I wanted to make sure that everything made sense and all that, but surprisingly, it was someone else who told me not to worry about it and just WRITE. Just write it, she said. Don't worry about things because it's fiction and I'll know how to make it work. I always do.

I was more concerned about the credibility of the "science" in sci-fi than I was in telling the story, which is unusual for me. I normally don't worry about all that and just have fun writing. So, that's what I did and it works! It works well and I can honestly say, the story ground to a halt while I was writing it because I wasn't sure where the hell it was going.

I have mentioned it before that when writing, I let myself go and let it happen as it happens. The characters do what they want and it just gets conveyed on "paper." I try to clarify this just in case there are other writers who experience the same thing and wonder if it's the right thing to be doing when the gears of imagination begin grinding to a halt for them, too.

There is a lot of second-guessing that goes into creation of something, especially art. People second-guess a lot of things. It's good to step back and consider, but just don't let it impede the creative process. Don't let it get in the way of making something happen. That's when you know there's a problem.

I didn't like how the novel was going this month, but you know what? It works! I sat back and let it happen the way I wanted it to happen and things came together amazingly. I even had a surprise villain pop out of the memory filing cabinet! That was a treat. You know how I love writing for my baddies. It makes the story better when the villain is up to no good and our heroes have to work!

Yes, it's the old tried-and-true way of entertainment, but it works. People expect it. They love it when they are part of the story and they get all tangled up with their emotions reading it. That's what it's all about! This sci-fi book is part one of a trilogy (so far) and what I will be calling the Future Earth series of books. I've set up a futuristic Solar System where I can create a bunch of stories. Five so far, at least. Maybe more!

I haven't seriously written science fiction before. It's always been just for fun and nonsense, tinkering with ideas and stuff like that. Now? Now it's for real. I'm seriously writing it and putting together a sci-fi trilogy (and more) because I've been so grounded in contemporary fiction with Blackridge and The Double Club for so long I kept sci-fi separate until I decided on the setting.

The Future Earth Series is planned out for at least five books. A LGBT Trilogy and a 2-part series with a very amazing Heroine Agent and a host of all new characters! There's also 2 more books left in Blackridge and, yes, another entry into the Double Club series! Book 8!

The New Year will bring a lot of fresh ideas to my Delmari Books collection. Come along and enjoy!


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