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Within the Cave

Updated: Apr 28

Wow! Hard to believe it's already October! All the stores are probably putting out their Halloween merchandise. I bought some of those cute little pumpkins for my desk at work last week at Publix. I like the white ones flecked with orange. So cute. I usually keep them there until December. Provided they last, of course.

Well, it's only been a week since I first published Scavenger Hunt and the Double Club. It feels like longer. Weird. I have a tendency to lose track of time when I write. A lot of time has passed these last few years because I have been hard at work on the DOUBLE CLUB series and the other planned works. It's funny, because Blackridge took me years to write and the DOUBLE CLUB only took me a year. No lie. It's really amazing. I wrote an 8 book series in a year. One book only took 18 days to write.  Blackridge: Battlegrounds only took 3 weeks! I think that one is my record 😆

I have a way about me when I get to writing that the words just flow. Sometimes, it's hard for my fingers to keep up with the creation. I have actually been working on the release of my next novel, which is a Spartan novel from the 6th century BC. I finished it last night, so now I am in the process of editing and formatting. While I create the work, Kevin has been diligently working on the marketing and ads purchasing. It goes well.

Kevin. My beloved husband. He has been with me always. Over 13 years together now, married for over 2 years. We are such a great team. I spend so much time writing and he is content to work right alongside me. I love it. It is our passion. It's mostly what I think about. There are so many books that I am planning to release, I can hardly contain myself from revealing them.

I will reveal them when the time is right. One thing I have learned while I sit here within my inner sanctum, is that the world prefers its entertainment on demand. Long gone are the days when people would wait months and months for a book to be released. I wrote the DOUBLE CLUB all at one time. EIGHT BOOKS ... all of them are ready to go. I just have to get them released and sent out through Amazon. People like to binge. I sit here in my “cave“ watching how things work and I know what people love. Apparently they call it the Netflix plan. 🙂 

I can tell you, they love quality. They love honesty and they love genuine work. If there is one thing people despise, it is being taken advantage of and being disappointed. They work hard. People work hard. Time is precious. There never seems to be enough of it. A full day of work goes by, then we come home, eat, get the kids taken care of, etc ... Where is the free time?

So much of our lives are taken up by responsibilities. It never seems to be enough to get done what we need to be done. Oh, sure ... we manage. It's all we can do, right? What else is there? We have to take care of the priorities first. It's the most important thing. I have done a lot of research in these past few years. I see how it goes. I don't have children. I have only my husband. He is my treasure. He is good to me. Would that all people could find someone as good to them as my husband is to me. Can you imagine the world where everyone was content and happy? There would be so much goodness ...

Bah ... I am a dreamer. That would never happen. It never has. There is too much diversity and adversity. The world is a rough place these days. Everyone needs to be super careful and vigilant. I try to make it a better place by providing entertainment for the mind. It's so nice to curl up with a good book as they say.

Well, in that regard, don't worry. I am working very hard alongside my devoted husband to make sure you have quality. We shall deliver. That is my promise to you.


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