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PUBLISHED! - 9/24/19

Updated: Sep 28, 2019

WOO! I got notification from Amazon that the first two books of both my series were approved and published today! THE DOUBLE CLUB and BLACKRIDGE: Scavenger Hunt!

Man, what a great feeling! The hubby and I have worked really hard to build a quality site and set of works for everyone to enjoy. I'm telling you, these days? People love quality stuff. Doesn't matter if it's a show or a book, or any other kind of art. They love quality and they're not afraid to say it. It's been such a fun road traveling with him setting it all up. We're a great team and I'm really thankful for his patience and insight.

I got a few of my social media accounts set up, too. I was waiting for the first books to go live with Amazon before I pressed the big red button on setting up those accounts. I wanted to at least have something for people to see and read if they wanted to.

It's an on-demand world now and people love their entertainment. I'm only too happy to contribute to the realm of it.

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