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A Day Off

Updated: Apr 28

Today was a good day ... a really good day. Instead of spending all of it writing or working, Kevin and I got some stuff done early on and then we headed over to my parents' house because we were going to lunch with Poppy Frank. Mom went to the movies with her sister, so Kevin and I planned to ride with Frank up to this Asian restaurant he always talks about.

The books had come in the day before. I finally got to see what they looked like. They are very nice. He got both of them in paperback, The Double Club and Blackridge: Scavenger Hunt. Excellent quality. Amazon produces a nice product. I'm pleased. Seeing something that both my husband and I worked on is very rewarding. I wrote the book, he creates the covers. We are a good team. I am blessed and happy.

Jeepers! The food at Yummies was amazing. It was fresh and delicious. I got the chicken fried rice and chicken lo mein. I even posted a picture of it on Facebook. lol god. Seriously, Joe? Yeah. I did. Totally did.

We had a great meal, laughing and enjoying Poppy's company. Anyone who knows Frank knows he is a madman. Totally crazy and completely loving and loyal. I enjoy spending time with him and it makes me realize how much I have been working on the novels. The days have flown past. The Michigan State Spartans of college football have caught my eye lately because they are "the Spartans" so there was a game on today at 3:30p and we stayed to watch it. I'm glad we did, because it was insane! I had a great time. College Football is so much better than Pro, in my opinion. The guys are cute, too! :) Big Plus. haha

My mother was given a furniture piece by the family of the old lady who passed away next door to them. My mother really loved the lady and always visited her and took her food. The woman was in her 90s from what I understand. It's a cute little 1 story townhouse. We went over today to get the furniture piece and ... I just stood there in her home for a few minutes looking around.

There were pieces of paper taped to her belongings as to where they were going or who was going to get them. I had never met the lady, so it was a peculiar feeling to be there. Here I was in a person's house who was gone and I had never met. I saw some family pictures of her when she was younger. She had 5 daughters, one of whom had passed away some years ago.

The house felt very empty, yet still had things within. We got the furniture piece moved without incident. It was good that we went over today, because my parents would never have been able to move that thing on their own. Kevin and I spent much of the day with Poppy Frank and Mom, laughing a lot and enjoying the football game. I helped them update their iPhones and cleaned her computer of junk files ... which is always an adventure.

It's nice to remember that I can take a day off now and then. I have been working a LOT over the last few years on getting my books written and plotting out more for everyone to enjoy.

Yeah. Today was a good day off.


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