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Blackridge "Revised Editions"

Updated: Apr 28

I've had a few questions about the Blackridge Saga and the chronology of the books, which is why I've put a listing of the titles in the order they are to be read both on my website here and in the Series Page of the novels. The full series is to be read like this:

Scavenger Hunt

Lost and Found

The Dark of Hearts


Shadow Foes


Past is Present

The reason for the questions is because Shadow Foes and Reprisals were released about 10 years ago as the "first" books of the series with a publisher that I hated. This has been changed because (1) my publisher went out of business, but I cancelled my contracts with them well before that and (2) I wanted more character investment in this re-releasing of the Saga. Blackridge is planned out to 9 books and the characters develop over the course of the Saga and I'm publishing through Amazon, which isn't going anywhere. It's far too easy to buy my books from them. Just click and bam. You'll have the books in no time! yay! Easy!

I felt it would be far more rewarding for readers to follow Blackridge this way and since I am the one in control of how the books are released and distributed now, I wanted to make sure my readers got the full emotional effect from it. When I wrote Shadow Foes and Reprisals back in 2009, I still didn't realize how crucial the backstory of the Saga was because it wasn't written. I saw that I had SO MUCH material that would be rewarding if people read it and I believed, after reviewing all the books, that my readers would be far more invested in the characters if they were with them from the beginning ... not the middle of the story. Kind of like Star Wars. lol

At this point in my writing, I know what needs to be done with these books. The people who have read it this way have told me it is amazing and I am thankful for it. I trust their judgment because, after all, I'm doing this for my readers. Yes, I love my work, but I write for others to enjoy. I know Blackridge back and forth.

My goal in EVERYTHING I write is to give people quality fiction, and that will never change. I want people to love my work as much as I do. It's all very rewarding for everyone that way and it makes it all a lot of fun. That's the most important thing.


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